Why Soft Skills Are Crucial To Career Success

While your technical skills get your foot in the door, your soft skills are what open most of the doors you will find as you progress in your career.

Your work ethic, attitude, communication skills, emotional intelligence plus a whole host of other personal attributes are the soft skills that are crucial for career success.

According to a new paper released from "The Economist Corporate Network (ECN) - Skills 4.0: How CEOs shape the future of work in Asia" - 71.9% of the surveyed CEOs believed that soft skills are more important than hard skills for their business - stats like these shouldn't be ignored!

What soft skills could you develop that would take your career to another level?

Try this Soft Skills Questionnaire and discover what is takes to be a valued team member, an outstanding contributor and an exceptional leader.

WATCH: “Why ‘Soft Skills’ are key to your success”

I believe you can't create a career that you love without soft skills. Check out the video below that explains “Why ‘Soft Skills’ are key to your success”.

About the Author Andrew Walsh

Andrew is a strategist, career performance expert and mindset master. A qualified Chartered Accountant and former CFO, he has a variety of experience in top 100 corporates, professional services and building businesses. His passion is ‘results driven education’ and maximising experiential learning to rapidly develop individuals for real results.

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