Resources Vs Resourcefulness

When accomplishing your goals, you need resources.

But how often have you heard people use a lack of resources as an excuse for not achieving their goals? Then again, how many stories have you heard of people achieving amazing things where they started with little or no resources.

The distinction is the difference between resources vs resourcefulness.

Resources vs resourcefulness

A RESOURCE is something you can use to achieve a goal.

There are typically three issues you will come up against when using resources to achieve goals:

  • 1
    Not maximizing the resource
  • 2
    Not realizing there is a resource available to you
  • 3
    Needing resources, you currently don’t have

When you find yourself struggling to achieve a goal it is more often than not because of one or more of these issues. This is where resourcefulness comes into play.

RESOURCEFULNESS is the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties.

Being a resourceful person includes characteristics like creativity, determination, passion, curiosity and resolve.

In a nutshell... 'being resourceful is your ability to solve or overcome your resource issues to achieve your goal.'

What you need to start

Creating the right thinking and emotional responses before meeting challenges decreases anxiety and stress that can make thinking fuzzy and block creativity associated with resourcefulness.

This means you need to develop two things from the outset:

Bravery – because it’s highly likely you will need to step outside your comfort zone.

Mindset – because you will need to overcome limitations in your own thinking to expand your creativity and cultivate resolve in order to keep moving forward.

How to cultivate resourcefulness

Resourcefulness, at its heart, is an exercise in creativity.

It's about asking - how do you:

• take what you have and make more with it? AND/OR
• create new resources from investing your time, energy and creative thinking?

This can be harder than it sounds!

You are limited by your own current thought processes and beliefs, which often want to tell you 'no'. This is actually quite normal. Our brains are designed to take the path of least resistance.

So, when your brain says 'no' - challenge it - start with these 3 questions:

1. If you had no limits or concerns, what could you do to find resources?
2. Can you use your current resources in a different way?
3. If you listed all the things around you, have you missed any available resources?​

These questions are best asked as ordered above. In this sequence, the questions can help break any mind barriers and gets your brain focused on solutions that allow you to obtain the resources needed. Note: see download for extra help with question 3.

Resistance - I'm just not like that

Resourcefulness = Creativity + Persistence

If you’ve ever written information on a napkin or chased down some tickets to a sold-out concert, you can consider yourself resourceful already!

We are all capable of exhibiting great creativity and persistence when something is important, so make it a point to expand and practice.

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