LINKEDIN SECRET: How to make yourself more attractive to employers

Are you sick of where you are and wondering how to attract more career opportunities?

Then today’s post is for you - keep reading.

According to a Wall Street Journal survey - 89% of employers are having trouble finding people with the right soft skills.

With that in mind, here’s a question for you:

Do you have your soft skills listed on your LinkedIn profile?

Chances are you don’t.

It turns out 69% of Australians don’t list any soft skills on LinkedIn.

Further, annual research by Jobvite found 87 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn to find candidates.

So, if employers are looking for soft skills and recruiters are searching on LinkedIn then you need to showcase your soft skills or you could be missing out on golden career opportunities!

Today, I want to share with you my LinkedIn secret to soft skill success and help you attract more career opportunities.

It's three simple steps:

1. List soft skills on your LinkedIn profile

To start, list what your top five soft skills are on your LinkedIn profile.

Typical skills to consider are - communication, problem solving, interpersonal skills and time management.

2. Ask people to endorse you for your soft skills

When an employer or recruiter comes to visit your profile its not enough to have these skills listed they need to be endorsed. This will provide the social proof needed to confirm you have these skills.

You can do this quickly by messaging your connections on Linkedin and asking them to endorse you.

Once you have built up your endorsements it’s time to move to step 3.

3. Turn on the open candidate option in LinkedIn

This still seems to be quite a secret on LinkedIn – I almost feel I should whisper it!

The open candidate’s feature was introduced in 2016 and allows you to privately signal to recruiters you are open to opportunities and includes options to show your preference of location, job type and title.

Once turned on recruiters know you are in the market but without it being public on LinkedIn or your boss seeing it.

Now your all set....

However, I want to help you as much as I can so I’ve created a soft skill list and message template that you can download below to help you get through the three steps.

CLICK HERE to download your free:

Soft Skills List & LinkedIn Endorsement Message

Use this download to become a soft skill superstar on LinkedIn!

I’ve also recorded a quick and dirty live tutorial if you want to see the actual process:

I hope this post helps you attract golden career opportunities and don’t be shy to let me know how this is working for you in the comments section.

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