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JOB APPLICATIONS: Why this simple mistake could cost you, your dream job!

EP006 - Why this simple mistake could cost you, your dream job

Do you make lots of job applications but struggle to get interviews?

Recently I’ve had several clients come to me exhausted! Burned out from submitting job application after job application and receiving close to zero interview offers. Well, the solution for these recent clients was simple and almost immediately they started…

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LINKEDIN SECRET: How to make yourself more attractive to employers

02 EP002 - Thumbnail Website

Are you sick of where you are and wondering how to attract more career opportunities?

Then today’s post is for you – keep reading. According to a Wall Street Journal survey – 89% of employers are having trouble finding people with the right soft skills. Today, I want to share with you my LinkedIn secret to…

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Why Soft Skills Are Crucial To Career Success


According to a new paper released from “The Economist Corporate Network (ECN) – Skills 4.0: How CEOs shape the future of work in Asia” – 71.9% of the surveyed CEOs believed that soft skills are more important than hard skills for their business – stats like these shouldn’t be ignored!

What soft skills could you develop that would take your career to another level?

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From the archives: Get your resume noticed up to 40% more

With so much noise in the market place, marketers need the best looking marketing materials just to get our attention. You need to do the same with your resume… it’s your personal marketing brochure!

Learn 4 quick formatting tips that could get your resume noticed up to 40% more often.

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From the archives: Take Control Of Those Job Interview Nerves

So when was the last time you went on a job interview?! Did you do well? Not so well? Felt it could have gone better?

Being nervous is perfectly natural but the pressure can really affect your interview performance.

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