Solve the Real Problem with ‘5 Whys’

The 5 Whys is a problem solving technique designed to drill down to the underlying cause of a problem.


The process is simple: ask 'Why?' 5 times in succession or as many times as needed, until the underlying cause is found.

By solving the underlying cause you ensure that the problem does not happen again. This prevents you having to solve the symptom (the problem you currently see) in the future; thus saving you time, money and effort every day.

The '5 Whys' can be used by individuals or teams as a problem solving technique.

There are four key steps in the process:

Step 1: Define the problem.
Step 2: Ask 'Why Did This Happen?'
Step 3: Check – Is This a Root Cause?
Step 4: Identify and implement solutions.

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About the Author Andrew Walsh

Andrew is a strategist, career performance expert and mindset master. A qualified Chartered Accountant and former CFO, he has a variety of experience in top 100 corporates, professional services and building businesses. His passion is ‘results driven education’ and maximising experiential learning to rapidly develop individuals for real results.

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