About Me - Andrew Walsh


My passion for coaching was born from frustration and a search for purpose!

After working for many years in several global organisations I felt empty and unsatisfied. The issue wasn’t how little or how much I was earning – it was finding a career that rewarded my spirit as much as my pocket.

Something had to change.
Working in strategic positions had taught me to search for alternatives, think outside the box and try things I hadn’t tried before.

This search for a new career paradigm led him to become CFO of a private group of companies, leading a team and group I loved. Although I loved my job I realized I had a higher calling to share what I knew and my passion to make the world a better place by connecting people with careers that they love.

This is now what I do.
From my own experience I know you can create a career that you love. People who love their careers perform better, earn more money and get promoted faster. That’s because they’re at their best more often. And not only that but when someone loves their career they make a larger contribution to the world – everyone benefits!


As a coach and human being I believe:

  • Careers can be fun and fulfilling.
  • Success starts with the mind.
  • A business can change the world by changing the people in it.
  • In giving people what they need not what we think.
  • Learning should be fun.
  • The best tools are effective, efficient and simple.
  • You need to combine inspiration and perspiration to achieve success.
  • If you cannot explain it simply, then you simply do not know it.
  • Success without fulfillment is failure.
  • Good things take time and a little everyday goes a long way.
  • Everyone can be awesome and we want to help - that's an awesome feeling!


My values are the things that I deem essential to the way my team and I work:

  • No retreat , no surrender
  • Results focused
  • Pivot as needed
  • Whistle while you work
  • Work smarter, not harder
  • Two heads are better than one
  • Going 80/20 yields plenty

My mission is to help people create careers that they love

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